Hello, I’m Jody Levinson, illustrator, humorist (smart ass, storyteller, observer, satirist, commentator)

I started these sketchbooks because I wanted my children to know who I was as a person.not only their Mother.

I wanted them to know what I was thinking about and how I saw the world. And most importantly to know, no matter how verkakte* the world gets.there’s always something to laugh about.

* Verkakte (verkackta, fakata, fercockt, fakakta, vercocked)

FAQ'S about my

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: I started writing and drawing my daily adventures so that I could share my life with my grown children somehow. I wanted them to know what I was thinking aboutwhat I thought was funny. I wanted them to see the me that no matter what is happening in their lives, humor makes everything better.


Q: How long have you done this?

A: Since 2009. I have 25 completed notebooks so far.


Q: Have you always been an artist?

A: I have been trained in sculpture, painting, drawing, ceramics and photography. I haven’t made my living fully as an artist as I was not interested in starving to death. I wanted to have a normal life with a house, a husband, some children and a 401K. In 2007, after my children were launched AND after I was diagnosed with cancer (uuggghhhh), I sold my business and went back to art school.


Q: Are you serious?

A: For reals.


Q: Are your stories true?

A: Yes. This stuff really happened, almost word for word. Really.


Q: Are you afraid of anything?

A: Driving in Manhattan and Bats.


Q: What is this weird rash on my arm?

A: I don’t really know.

Q: If someone asked you if you’d rather go to the dentist or the gynecologist, what would you say?

A: Id say the dentist because he looks me in the face.


Q: Do you swear a lot in real life?

A: Fuck yeah. Especially when Im at the dentist.